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How To Juice your Fruit:

Capped uses a pseudo-patented Juicing method to turn nearly all videos into portable Juice Containers [Caps]. These containers can be played by any machine with the latest Adobe Flash Player installed.

- Capped assumes you've already captured the Fruit you'd like to be squeezed.
- Simply package your fruit in a compatable video codec, nearly all are supported, and use the form to properly label and send your Fruit to our Squeezing Machine.
- After a few minutes [10 to 20], depending on how busy the machine is, your fruit will be Capped and be ready for public consumption.

Capped is designed for only a specific type of Fruit.
Please, only upload demoscene related materials. Our Capped Container cannot handle non-demoscene videos and such materials uploaded to Capped may spontaneously disappear soon after Juicing. If you do not know what the demoscene is, then you shouldn't be uploading here.

Video Codecs and Quality Concerns:
Capped supports nearly all video and audio codecs for uploading. Any codec ffmpeg can read, Capped can accept.
When uploading to capped, please be sure your video is of utmost quality. Any noticeable encoding artifact will definately be duplicated onto Capped. Capped's quality is nearly equal to the video input.

To upload a file, you must sign in using your SceneID. You probably have one if you signed up on Pouet.
Upload Policy:
Quick reminder that this service is for demoscene videos only.
Any mismarked or non-demoscene video will be removed.
Repeatedly uploading invalid content can get you banned.
Please do not upload content that is illegal in the USA
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