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Welcome to Capped.TV.
Yet another attempt to bring Demos to the masses and lazy sceners.
Here you'll find high-quality Demoscene videos, most of them screen captures of demos from their native hardware [or sometimes emulators], uploaded by our various users.
Go ahead. Watch. Enjoy.

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4:51 - 186 views - 0 this month
Made with custom DVI converter connected to a stock Lisa 2/10 with a custom sound card added to give better audio than the awful beeping from our previous demo. - lroop
4:28 - 124 views - 0 this month
Screen capture from the ParaJVE Vectrex emulator. Audio recorded from a real vectrex because real AYs sound better than emulated ones. - lroop
4:35 - 3,865 views - 0 this month
Captured using a camera aimed at the Vectrex CRT. Audio recorded through an add-on preamp board with line output to record high-quality audio without the Vectrex 'buzz'. - lroop
6:09 - 657 views - 0 this month
Made with custom hardware and a DVI converter connected to an essentially stock Apple Lisa 2/10 - lroop

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